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Marsedit a Powerful Offline Blogging Tool

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If you’ve decided you want to maintain a website or blog and write to it you can do this in two manners. The first way is to write online at say WordPress or Medium or the system you’ve chosen. A more flexible and efficient way to do it though is to use an offline editor that publishes to your site.

There are numerous apps that can do this. For starters, a Markdown editor is preferred for a variety of the reasons including performance and efficiency, Once having decided on Markdown as the technique you’ll use to write to, then you need to choose an editor.

Editor’s Galore but only some have Offline Publishing Capability

There are many editors now that support Markdown but this doesn’t mean they can support offline publishing. The one’s that can and that are good are:

  • Ulysses
  • Byword
  • Marsedit
  • iA Writer (somewhat)
  • and say WordPresses own offline editor

The one that is considered the best at both tasks is Ulysses but it is expensive (can be acquired through Setapp which is reasonable). I’ve certainly use Ulysses for a long time and it is every bit as good as people report.

An Editor combined with Marsedit

Marsedit is probably the most powerful offline publishing system. When publishing to say WordPress it is perfect. I like though using it with a different editor than Marsedit’s editor. However, I use the Marsedit editor to put everything together. Since it simply a Markdown and HTML system this is more than possible.

I have two editor’s I particularly like. I use either Focused or iA Writer. However, of late I am leaning primarily to focused as the presentation is the best. It displays fonts and titles wonderfully. They are easy to read and it is nothing to use the built in tool to quickly switch between the edit and presentation mode.

Once I have composed my text in Focused I then simply copy it into a Marsedit editing window where I add images, audio and video in certain cases. Finally, the document is tagged and categorized, viewed and then sent for publishing at WordPress.

A Powerful Combination

By composing my document this way it is a very powerful system. I compose the text in the editor I am most comfortable with but when it gets to the final document, Marsedit handles this beautifully. You aare able to centre and align images something which is difficult to do in Markdown. You can publish offline and if there is something wrong you can correct offline and just publish the same document. This is quite the time saver.


The strongest appeal for me using Focused is it’s display of text. i find it extremely pleasant to compose with and read. Some writers like iA Writer are very harsh with the text you compose.

Thus the appeal of this approach for me over say Ulysses as I am using exactly the best editor that works for me and I am using the most powerful offline publishing system. Combined they provide most desirable functions required for offline composing and publishing. This approach can be used by others who might not choose the same editor but it is certainly valuable to use Marsedit aa the core. It is the engine behind this solution which works very well.